700+ Music CDs: SOLD

A couple decades of passionate music collecting, in CD form, SOLD for the price of a couple new CDs. (Mostly) alphabetized in booklets, most with covers. Some burned copies but mostly store-bought. Indie-rock, punk, funk, jazz, blues, avant-garde, classical, etc. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 700 albums.


Orangey Bedside Lamp: SOLD

SOLD. A cute little bedside lamp, takes low-watt appliance bulbs. Casts a wonderful glow with bubbly sparkly shadows.

Vintage Desk: SOLD

Solid wood desk with seven drawers and a custom glass topper. The glass means the top is in perfect shape. Also, you can make a neat collage under it if you want. (Or you can just forgo the glass and enjoy the wood.) It’s also got two pull-out breadboard things for when you need a little more space.

Walnut stain. Some nicks here and there but overall in great shape.

48″ wide
21″ deep
30″ tall

$100. Email us at takeourtrappings dot gmail dot com if you’re interested.

Air Conditioner: SOLD


Fedders window air conditioner.  Not sure of the BTUs but it does fine on our 150 sq. ft. living room. 20″ wide.


Pedestal Fan: SOLD


It’s summertime; you need a fan. This one’s on an adjustable-height pedestal. It oscillates. It has three speeds and a unicorn sticker in the middle.


Seagrass baskets: SOLD

Four handwoven seagrass baskets from Ikea. Knipsa, they’re called. They’re nice and sturdy, great for storage, but a little more modern looking than most baskets. Perfect condition.

Dimensions: 12.5″ on all sides.

Four available. Email us at takeourtrappings dot gmail dot com if you’re interested.

Here’s what it looks like with a cat in it:

Tannoy Pro Monitor Speakers: SOLD


Good all-around monitoring speakers for home-studio use. These aren’t really a matched pair- one’s a PBM 6.5 II and the other’s just a PBM 6.5- but I’ve been using them as a pair for years and can’t tell the difference. Easy on the ears and reliable, if a tad cosmetically challenged.

Email us at takeourtrappings dot gmail dot com if you’re interested.