700+ Music CDs: SOLD

A couple decades of passionate music collecting, in CD form, SOLD for the price of a couple new CDs. (Mostly) alphabetized in booklets, most with covers. Some burned copies but mostly store-bought. Indie-rock, punk, funk, jazz, blues, avant-garde, classical, etc. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 700 albums.


Whole Bunch o’ Sample CDs: SOLD

This item has been sold: a stack of sample CDs for electronic music production.

Most are Sonic Foundry products, and most are Wavs pre-cut into loops and one-shots (which means easy drag-and-drop into music projects). Other companies and formats noted.

The stack of discs includes:

  • AcidPlanet.com: Classic 8Packs, Volume 1  (Sonic Foundry) (Wav)
  • Acid Rock  (Sonic Foundry) (Wav)
  • Brian Daly Metarock Visions: Modern Rock Construction Kit (Sonic Foundry) (Wav)
  • Crimson, Blue & Fabulous: Horncraft for R&B  (Sonic Foundry) (Wav)
  • Easy Listening (Ueberschall) (Audio Disc)
  • Fast Breaks Drum n’ Bass (Sonic Foundry) (Wav) (Disc only, no case)
  • George Clinton: Sample Some of Disc- Sample Some of D.A.T. Volume 2 (AEM) (Audio Disc)
  • Groove Addicts Bass-X  (Sonic Foundry) (Wav)
  • Groove Spectrum R&B Drums  (Sonic Foundry) (Wav)
  • Infinite Soul I (Sonic Foundry) (Wav) (Disc only, no case)
  • Infinite Soul II (Sonic Foundry) (Wav) (Disc only, no case)
  • Latin Percussion  (Sonic Foundry) (Wav)
  • Mac Money Electro Hip-Hop  (Sonic Foundry) (Wav) (Disc only, no case)
  • Mick Fleetwood: Total Drumming  (Sonic Foundry) (Wav)
  • Norman Cook: Skip to My Loops (AMG Diffusion) (Wav)
  • NY Dance I (Sonic Foundry) (Wav) (Disc only, no case)
  • NY Dance II (Sonic Foundry) (Wav) (Disc only, no case)
  • On the Jazz Tip  (Sonic Foundry) (Wav)
  • Phat Trax XXL Hip-Hop (Sonic Foundry) (Wav) (Disc only, no case)
  • Pop & Rock Drumloops from Steve Smith (Eastwest) (Multiformat, including Akai)
  • Vortexual Amplitude: Vintage Analog Synths  (Sonic Foundry) (Wav)

Turntable cartridge: DISCARDED

This item has been discarded and is no longer available.

Stanton 400.V3 turntable cartridge. Never used: it turned out to be the wrong size for our record player.

Here’s what the box has to say:

“The 400.V3 is the most durable, cost-effective, and one of the loudest cartridges on earth. the 400.V3 is Stanton’s ‘mouse that roared’ with a whopping 10.0 mV output level.”

Though we disapprove of the lack of parallelism in that first sentence, it does pretty much say it all.

Purchased for $20 and never used. Yours for $10. Email us at takeourtrappings dot gmail dot com if you’re interested.

Evolution MIDI Keyboard: PACKED

Evolution MK-249C2 MIDI keyboard. Works great. Good for MIDI use; also can be attached by USB and used to control soft synths. Lots of control knobs available. Full-size keys.

Comes with power supply and subtle but effective “Don’t Even Think About It” sticker next to pitchwheel.

Was $90 but we didn’t get a good buyer so it’s already packed for moving. Email us at takeourtrappings at gmail dot com if you’re interested.

Phase Linear Amplifier: $300

The Phase Linear Model 400 Series II Amplifier is an amazing-sounding amp to drive a home stereo, PA, or studio speaker system. It was made in the late 70s and pushes about 210 watts per channel (hence the “model 400”; Phase Linear was a company fond of understatement).

One pair of inputs (RCA jacks), one pair of outputs (speaker wire), one volume knob per channel. The highlight of this amp is the retro-future-cool–and apparently accurate– LED meters that will remind you of Knight Rider. Hook this up to good speakers and you’ve got a pretty great-sounding system.

This one was set up to be rack-mounted by a previous owner, but it does just fine on  a desktop.

This sucker pushes out a lot of clean volume: I’ve never once turned it up past about 20%. I love this amp and would never part with it if I wasn’t moving cross-country.

$300. Email us at takeourtrappings at gmail dot com if you’re interested.

Tannoy Pro Monitor Speakers: SOLD


Good all-around monitoring speakers for home-studio use. These aren’t really a matched pair- one’s a PBM 6.5 II and the other’s just a PBM 6.5- but I’ve been using them as a pair for years and can’t tell the difference. Easy on the ears and reliable, if a tad cosmetically challenged.

Email us at takeourtrappings dot gmail dot com if you’re interested.