What’s left

We’re closing in on our moving date (next Wednesday, yikes!), and have sold many of our trappings. Here’s what’s still available.


Vintage Dining Table: $100

Pottery Barn Chairs: $150 (These are a steal. You should totally buy them!)

Music Gear:

Phase Linear amplifier: $300

Evolution Midi keyboard: $90

Sample CDs: $25

Turntable Cartridge: $10

Other stuff:

Framed print of Don Quixote’s imagination: $20

Orange beaded table lamp: $5

Crate & Barrel cake plate: $15

The prices are becoming more flexible as we near the 30th, so if you see something you like, please ask! E-mail us at takeourtrappings at gmail dot com for more info.


Stoop Sale (Was) This Weekend.

On Sunday, June 19, we hauled our remaining trappings onto the sidewalk in hopes of selling them to passersby at bargain prices. All the available items on the blog were for sale, plus lots of little stuff that we haven’t posted, including:

  • espresso machine
  • coffee grinder
  • books
  • CDs
  • fabric
  • random housewares
  • and more!

We’re moving!

We’re moving from Greenpoint, Brooklyn, to the West Coast at the end of June. Before we do, we have to get rid of a lot of really nice furniture and other trappings.

We’ll be updating this site often over the coming weeks. If you find something you like, e-mail us, and we’ll find a convenient time for you to come pick it up. Easy!

Questions? Email us at takeourtrappings at gmail.com.