What’s left

We’re closing in on our moving date (next Wednesday, yikes!), and have sold many of our trappings. Here’s what’s still available.


Vintage Dining Table: $100

Pottery Barn Chairs: $150 (These are a steal. You should totally buy them!)

Music Gear:

Phase Linear amplifier: $300

Evolution Midi keyboard: $90

Sample CDs: $25

Turntable Cartridge: $10

Other stuff:

Framed print of Don Quixote’s imagination: $20

Orange beaded table lamp: $5

Crate & Barrel cake plate: $15

The prices are becoming more flexible as we near the 30th, so if you see something you like, please ask! E-mail us at takeourtrappings at gmail dot com for more info.


Vintage Desk: SOLD

Solid wood desk with seven drawers and a custom glass topper. The glass means the top is in perfect shape. Also, you can make a neat collage under it if you want. (Or you can just forgo the glass and enjoy the wood.) It’s also got two pull-out breadboard things for when you need a little more space.

Walnut stain. Some nicks here and there but overall in great shape.

48″ wide
21″ deep
30″ tall

$100. Email us at takeourtrappings dot gmail dot com if you’re interested.

Stoop Sale (Was) This Weekend.

On Sunday, June 19, we hauled our remaining trappings onto the sidewalk in hopes of selling them to passersby at bargain prices. All the available items on the blog were for sale, plus lots of little stuff that we haven’t posted, including:

  • espresso machine
  • coffee grinder
  • books
  • CDs
  • fabric
  • random housewares
  • and more!

Air Conditioner: SOLD


Fedders window air conditioner.  Not sure of the BTUs but it does fine on our 150 sq. ft. living room. 20″ wide.


Pedestal Fan: SOLD


It’s summertime; you need a fan. This one’s on an adjustable-height pedestal. It oscillates. It has three speeds and a unicorn sticker in the middle.


Vintage dresser: SOLD

Beautiful old 4-drawer dresser, solid wood, with distinctive wood handles. The drawers have dovetail joints and dust panels between the drawers. Walnut stain.

The dresser has a few superficial nicks and scratches, as befits its age, but is otherwise in hale and lovely condition. I’ve had this dresser my entire life and I’m sad to see it go, but I’m sure it will make a worthy addition to someone’s home.


30″ wide
46″ tall
17″ deep

$75. Email us at takeourtrappings dot gmail dot com if you’re interested.

Turntable cartridge: DISCARDED

This item has been discarded and is no longer available.

Stanton 400.V3 turntable cartridge. Never used: it turned out to be the wrong size for our record player.

Here’s what the box has to say:

“The 400.V3 is the most durable, cost-effective, and one of the loudest cartridges on earth. the 400.V3 is Stanton’s ‘mouse that roared’ with a whopping 10.0 mV output level.”

Though we disapprove of the lack of parallelism in that first sentence, it does pretty much say it all.

Purchased for $20 and never used. Yours for $10. Email us at takeourtrappings dot gmail dot com if you’re interested.