700+ Music CDs: SOLD

A couple decades of passionate music collecting, in CD form, SOLD for the price of a couple new CDs. (Mostly) alphabetized in booklets, most with covers. Some burned copies but mostly store-bought. Indie-rock, punk, funk, jazz, blues, avant-garde, classical, etc. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 700 albums.


Sammy Hagar, the Couch: FREE

This couch is the successor to an earlier couch named David Lee Roth. This one, despite the name, is just as glamorous, though lately it’s gotten a bit dusty. It’s a Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams sofa in cranberry velvet.  (It’s richer and darker than it looks in these photos.) Some cat scratches on the left arm, hence the low price.


87″ wide
36″ tall
36″ deep

Email us at takeourtrappings at gmail dot com if you’re interested.

Vintage dining table: SOLD

Vintage table of unknown provenance. Solid wood top with maple veneer; chrome legs. The top has a built-in leaf that swings neatly under the table when not in use. Deploy it and the table expands to seat 6. (It’s in its expanded state in the photo above.)

This table is really cool but it needs some TLC. The top is gouged and the chrome is flaking off the legs. But if you’re a handy person or you don’t mind the careworn look, this is a great table. Fixed up, I’m sure it would sell for $500 or more.


Whole Bunch o’ Sample CDs: SOLD

This item has been sold: a stack of sample CDs for electronic music production.

Most are Sonic Foundry products, and most are Wavs pre-cut into loops and one-shots (which means easy drag-and-drop into music projects). Other companies and formats noted.

The stack of discs includes:

  • AcidPlanet.com: Classic 8Packs, Volume 1  (Sonic Foundry) (Wav)
  • Acid Rock  (Sonic Foundry) (Wav)
  • Brian Daly Metarock Visions: Modern Rock Construction Kit (Sonic Foundry) (Wav)
  • Crimson, Blue & Fabulous: Horncraft for R&B  (Sonic Foundry) (Wav)
  • Easy Listening (Ueberschall) (Audio Disc)
  • Fast Breaks Drum n’ Bass (Sonic Foundry) (Wav) (Disc only, no case)
  • George Clinton: Sample Some of Disc- Sample Some of D.A.T. Volume 2 (AEM) (Audio Disc)
  • Groove Addicts Bass-X  (Sonic Foundry) (Wav)
  • Groove Spectrum R&B Drums  (Sonic Foundry) (Wav)
  • Infinite Soul I (Sonic Foundry) (Wav) (Disc only, no case)
  • Infinite Soul II (Sonic Foundry) (Wav) (Disc only, no case)
  • Latin Percussion  (Sonic Foundry) (Wav)
  • Mac Money Electro Hip-Hop  (Sonic Foundry) (Wav) (Disc only, no case)
  • Mick Fleetwood: Total Drumming  (Sonic Foundry) (Wav)
  • Norman Cook: Skip to My Loops (AMG Diffusion) (Wav)
  • NY Dance I (Sonic Foundry) (Wav) (Disc only, no case)
  • NY Dance II (Sonic Foundry) (Wav) (Disc only, no case)
  • On the Jazz Tip  (Sonic Foundry) (Wav)
  • Phat Trax XXL Hip-Hop (Sonic Foundry) (Wav) (Disc only, no case)
  • Pop & Rock Drumloops from Steve Smith (Eastwest) (Multiformat, including Akai)
  • Vortexual Amplitude: Vintage Analog Synths  (Sonic Foundry) (Wav)

Orangey Bedside Lamp: SOLD

SOLD. A cute little bedside lamp, takes low-watt appliance bulbs. Casts a wonderful glow with bubbly sparkly shadows.

Evolution MIDI Keyboard: PACKED

Evolution MK-249C2 MIDI keyboard. Works great. Good for MIDI use; also can be attached by USB and used to control soft synths. Lots of control knobs available. Full-size keys.

Comes with power supply and subtle but effective “Don’t Even Think About It” sticker next to pitchwheel.

Was $90 but we didn’t get a good buyer so it’s already packed for moving. Email us at takeourtrappings at gmail dot com if you’re interested.

Phase Linear Amplifier: $300

The Phase Linear Model 400 Series II Amplifier is an amazing-sounding amp to drive a home stereo, PA, or studio speaker system. It was made in the late 70s and pushes about 210 watts per channel (hence the “model 400”; Phase Linear was a company fond of understatement).

One pair of inputs (RCA jacks), one pair of outputs (speaker wire), one volume knob per channel. The highlight of this amp is the retro-future-cool–and apparently accurate– LED meters that will remind you of Knight Rider. Hook this up to good speakers and you’ve got a pretty great-sounding system.

This one was set up to be rack-mounted by a previous owner, but it does just fine on  a desktop.

This sucker pushes out a lot of clean volume: I’ve never once turned it up past about 20%. I love this amp and would never part with it if I wasn’t moving cross-country.

$300. Email us at takeourtrappings at gmail dot com if you’re interested.