Whole Bunch o’ Sample CDs: SOLD

This item has been sold: a stack of sample CDs for electronic music production.

Most are Sonic Foundry products, and most are Wavs pre-cut into loops and one-shots (which means easy drag-and-drop into music projects). Other companies and formats noted.

The stack of discs includes:

  • AcidPlanet.com: Classic 8Packs, Volume 1  (Sonic Foundry) (Wav)
  • Acid Rock  (Sonic Foundry) (Wav)
  • Brian Daly Metarock Visions: Modern Rock Construction Kit (Sonic Foundry) (Wav)
  • Crimson, Blue & Fabulous: Horncraft for R&B  (Sonic Foundry) (Wav)
  • Easy Listening (Ueberschall) (Audio Disc)
  • Fast Breaks Drum n’ Bass (Sonic Foundry) (Wav) (Disc only, no case)
  • George Clinton: Sample Some of Disc- Sample Some of D.A.T. Volume 2 (AEM) (Audio Disc)
  • Groove Addicts Bass-X  (Sonic Foundry) (Wav)
  • Groove Spectrum R&B Drums  (Sonic Foundry) (Wav)
  • Infinite Soul I (Sonic Foundry) (Wav) (Disc only, no case)
  • Infinite Soul II (Sonic Foundry) (Wav) (Disc only, no case)
  • Latin Percussion  (Sonic Foundry) (Wav)
  • Mac Money Electro Hip-Hop  (Sonic Foundry) (Wav) (Disc only, no case)
  • Mick Fleetwood: Total Drumming  (Sonic Foundry) (Wav)
  • Norman Cook: Skip to My Loops (AMG Diffusion) (Wav)
  • NY Dance I (Sonic Foundry) (Wav) (Disc only, no case)
  • NY Dance II (Sonic Foundry) (Wav) (Disc only, no case)
  • On the Jazz Tip  (Sonic Foundry) (Wav)
  • Phat Trax XXL Hip-Hop (Sonic Foundry) (Wav) (Disc only, no case)
  • Pop & Rock Drumloops from Steve Smith (Eastwest) (Multiformat, including Akai)
  • Vortexual Amplitude: Vintage Analog Synths  (Sonic Foundry) (Wav)