Phase Linear Amplifier: $300

The Phase Linear Model 400 Series II Amplifier is an amazing-sounding amp to drive a home stereo, PA, or studio speaker system. It was made in the late 70s and pushes about 210 watts per channel (hence the “model 400”; Phase Linear was a company fond of understatement).

One pair of inputs (RCA jacks), one pair of outputs (speaker wire), one volume knob per channel. The highlight of this amp is the retro-future-cool–and apparently accurate– LED meters that will remind you of Knight Rider. Hook this up to good speakers and you’ve got a pretty great-sounding system.

This one was set up to be rack-mounted by a previous owner, but it does just fine on  a desktop.

This sucker pushes out a lot of clean volume: I’ve never once turned it up past about 20%. I love this amp and would never part with it if I wasn’t moving cross-country.

$300. Email us at takeourtrappings at gmail dot com if you’re interested.