Vintage Kenmore Sewing Machine–SOLD




This old beauty was my Grandma’s. It’s from the 1950s, I think. It still works great! I’ve had it for the last ten years and have sewed a ton of stuff on it.

This is a seriously old-school machine,  but it does everything. It’s solid metal and completely mechanical. It does lots of different stitches (you put these cute discs in the top to change to a fancy stitch).

It’s a cabinet machine, which means you have to have a special table to put it in. This gives you a nice big surface to work on. Luckily, my cabinet comes with it.

In addition to the cabinet, this machine comes with all the accessories, including:

  • Original instruction manual
  • buttonhole attachment
  • lots of different feet, including zipper foot
  • 10 or so bobbins

This would be a great machine for someone who wants to sew but doesn’t want to shell out for a fancy machine. (And the cheap sewing machines out there are totally not worth it, BTW–they break!) I’d like it to go to a good home.

$40. Since the machine is solid metal, it’s pretty heavy, so bring some sort of conveyance to get it home.

Email us at takeourtrappings at gmail dot com if you’re interested.