Three Black-Brown Billy Bookshelves: SOLD

THREE tall Ikea Billy bookcases available. In black-brown, each complete with the top extender PLUS an LED spotlight  to make your books look classy and dramatic.


3 1/8″ wide
93″ tall (79″ bookcase plus 14″ extension)
11″ deep

Ikea photos below– ours are still full of books, but are in good shape (some damage to the lower corner of the backing sheet of one, but the fronts are perfect, and we don’t even use the backings.) We can send you photos of the actual items if you’re interested. Note: our version of the extender top doesn’t have that middle shelf.

These bookshelves would cost you about $110 if you trekked out to IKEA to buy them. Get them from us for $50 each and save yourself the hassle! E-mail us at takeourtrappings at gmail dot com if you’re interested.